Everybody would like to be healthy. However, the question is if we will be ready to make efforts to avoid the causes of illness to reach that aim.

While for most people it is natural to train their abdominal muscles and gluteal (buttock) muscles to remain fit, no attention is paid to exercising their pelvic floor muscles. We must take up with the idea that our body parts covered with underwear need care and bothering, too. Not a single muscle of our body can preserve its strength without proper training and exercise. We will be able to keep or develop the strength of the pelvic floor muscles with targeted exercises only. It is a mistake to think that if one has neither complaint nor pain, it means he/she is healthy. The development of disease is generally a long process – lasting even for decades on occasions. Health is not a self-forming or durably existing state; we must do something to preserve it day after day! It is our own duty and responsibility to preserve our health. Most people are not aware of that.

Pelvic health is crucial for the whole body health. No matter what is our age or health history. Pelvic floor muscle training is useful not only for those who have already physical symptoms, caused by muscular weakness, but for those, who wish to preserve the strength of their perineal muscles, too.